Alfred E Bikes

Has anyone ever dealt with Alfred E. Bikes out of Kalamazoo Michigan.
Thier price sounds too good to be true. In addition they are a bike store, how much do they actually know about unicycles?

They do have some pretty good prices on the KH Unicycles.


I ordered a 29er from them last month. Fast shipping and no problems. I’ve ordered lots of bicycle parts from them in the past and have never had any problems.

I’ve ordered from them twice, each time perfect results.

they sell the old and new kh hubs for so much less than udc

I had them build my Large Marge wheel with a KH hub/cranks. They did an excellent job. Their wheelbuilding is very reasonable. I almost posted about it long ago, but wasn’t sure I wanted to hurt specialists like UDC and Bedford. They are way less expensive.