Alengia [Street/Flat]

Please watch in HQ
Blame Michael for the clips that cut really early.
Thank Michael for providing footage from Uninats.

Any yeah, comment, hope you enjoy.

Whoa! That was sick. The street was rediculous :astonished: Nice mix of street and flat.

i am speechless…! because that hit a new level in big street i guess, huge grinds, that unispin off the wall, and the stair gab at the end was insane

wow, that was awesome Chris! :slight_smile:
keep it up!

We would make beautiful children
I love your videos. Best style out.
I remember 0:58 so well. t’was epic.

I really liked that video. Its nice to see some real big street still, rather then just flat and tech stuff. I can honestly say that this video has inspired me to get back into unicycling.

really nice vid! i especially liked the grinds :astonished:

just sick :astonished:

OHA :astonished:
very cool video
i like all the clips:D
the grinds are so cool
keep it up

i was scared to ride down those stairs at 58 let alone grind them.

it didn’t took you long to land the fulloutbacksideflip right?^^

wow sick vid!! crazy handrails and the last set was awesome :astonished:

That was so good, I don’t usually even watch videos with a flat tag, but the street parts were amazing. I loved the grinds, especially the one with the brick wall next to it. Props for trying the double set, would have been amazing had you landed it!

that was crazy :astonished:

JUST :astonished: 2 :astonished: FAR :astonished: OUT :astonished: !!! :astonished:
from the 1st “elbow” till the last “kick-in-the-nuts-HIGHSIDER” …
love 2 c more…

Oh wow, I feel special now haha. Glad to hear it man. Thanks for the comment.

Looks like the big street is getting a good response… I’ll have to do more of it in the future.

As expected from you! REALLY REALLY awesome street, seriously this is hardcore dude :stuck_out_tongue: Your unispins are so smooth and your street’s so flowy

Wow, that big stuff was crazy.

sorry meant inward variel sidebackflip :roll_eyes:

I didn’t really get what was happening at 1:38 (180 doubleflip ? 180 doubleback ? 180 tripleflip ?), 1:42 (tripleflip ?) and 2:09.

I am not that impressed by the big street, the grinds were cool, but I would have liked to see more tech grinds from you, like blunt, blind and back. The double set was big, but you didn’t land it, so I don’t know why people are even commenting (Yes, there is a bit of jealousy in this comment…:p). The flat was good I guess, but it is getter always harder to convince me that flatland is fun to watch. Sorry, it’s nothing personnal.