Alen turic´s city life II


your soooo good!!! great tricks and vid!

That was sweet. Good creativity.

I liked the 3spin-sidejump. Looked awesome.

Can you put it on Vimeo please? Sony hates Germany, so the video is blocked here :angry: :angry:

So nice. Awesome style too, really steezy.

Was way cool, but as for video production there was some extra stuff (not riding) that we didn’t need, or didn’t need as long of clips of.

really love your style you have for flatland :sunglasses:

he got a damn nice style at stealing unis aswell…

Is this something that we were supposed to understand?

didnt like it…
editing sux - there are more shots of him alone (changing clothes, jumping up/down, making his hair better) than riding unicycle/doing tricks.

but I saw him on EUC and he’s really good in flat.

ps. and yes, dane m.

I liked the edit.

That was him?? Shit :S


so this was the kid that stole the uni at EUC…

what a dweeb

Who steals unicycles? That’s pretty lame, especially in such a small community.

Damn that guy isn’t swag… the video was okay I guess though-nothing special.

I imagine this is about to turn into a huge hate thread. Lets not let that happen…Before things go too far, lets remember this dude has apologized and the uni was returned. Everyone makes mistakes, lets try forget about it. He’s been punished.


this thread is about the video so stop talking about the stealing!