Airfoils, Powdercoating, and Brakes?

I’m planning on getting my Airfoiled Coker soon from UDC. My question is about the powder coating they used to finish the recent batch of rims. According to a recent thread, powdercoating makes for a bad breaking surface. I want to know how bad. What will happen if I use a set of maggies on the rim. Will the paint just rub off, or will it chip? Have any of you with a new airfoil tried running breaks yet? What were the results?


You need to get the powder coating off it makes a horrible braking surface. What you need to do is sand the powdercoating off. Take the tire off then use one of those orbital sanders that use a quarter sheet of sand paper you can start with 100 grit or so and go around and around lots of times don’t try to sand it all off in one place at a time. when you start to see the metal switch to a fine grit cloth sand paper. I have done this to sun double wide rims and it works great.

I agree, just roughen up the surface and it should be sweet.