air seat

i finally got my new air seat!
unfortunatly…the screw thing on the seat post clamp is stripped, so i cant get the old seat off!it sucks!..but the seat is awesome.

sweeet! I made one las week out of my Torker LX, it is sooo comfy, using a 12" bike tube. I wonder what size of tube works best…

I think a smaller tube works better. Your 12" tube may be your best bet! I tried 20" and 16" tubes and both involved stuffing too much tube into a small area, but I was finally able to make the 16"er work… I found more tube = less cushion.

I also took an old KH foam insert and “shaved” it down to 1/2 it’s original thickness with a bread knife (waaay messy!) and put that on top of the tube. Now I’ve got a cushy seat! My 'nads are happy boys!

As an added bonus, when I don’t want the bouncy-bouncy ride I get from the airseat, I just deflate the tube and the foam does the job…

As for the stuck bolts, you’ll have to pry / remove the seat components from the seat base (carefully, if you want to re-use the foam or cover) to get to the top of the “spinning bolts.” Use a Dremel or other cutting tool to make a slot in the top of the bolt, and then you can use a flat-head screwdriver to hold 'er still while you loosen the nut!