Air seat cover

Hi, last week i converted my miyataa to airseat using the stuff on, it worked out good, but the seat cover started to tear, so i decided to take out the air and do a cover for it, i`d like to get a roach, but that would take too long, so i am doing it myself, any suggestions on how? i have an idea on the basics but would like to hear if something is better, like materials, or how to secure it, thanks

Darren Bedford mentioned that he has Roach style seat covers made my Mike Rocks. I saw one of Mike’s seat covers at the Vancouver Island Muni Weekend and it’s a good and well made seat cover. It’s a high volume seat cover like the Roach. It’s easier to buy one than to make one yourself.

Darren’s contact information:
Bedford Unicycles

I also have an air seat gallery that shows how I stuff my Roach seats with an air pillow and foam.

yes, i understand that it might be easier to buy one, but since i live in venezuela, read south america, buying from or bedford unicycles, is slightly harder that for anyone else…if we were talking about a uni, i wouldnt mind, but since it is a cover,waiting at least 4 weeks seems like too long, plus i think i might make it and not do a terribly bad job, i would probably use the pattern from the miyata and do modifications to make it roomier since i dont really have any other models to work with, so i just wanted to know if you guys felt that something was particulary important or convinient on an airseat cover, thanks

Laces on the bottom are nice, then you can take off the clips so they don’t cut your fingers. Also, make it out of Vinyl or ballistic nylon, something synthetic and durable.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that you are in Venezuela. I thought you were in the U.S.

I don’t have a pattern or any experience making a seat cover. My experience with the Roach covers is that you need strong material and strong thread. The fabric, the seams, and the thread will get lots of wear from your legs rubbing against the seat cover. The Roach covers eventually give out because the seams and thread wear out.