AI Unicycle drawing challenge

It’s me again, with some more unicycle related drivel generated by chat GPT.

It seems when the topic is a bit obscure, the AI will hallucinate and generate false statements that seem reasonable at first glance. It is worrying that it seems “happy” to switch dates and names around. And it can mix up numbers and be confused about pronouns and familial relationships.

@UniGeezer may be amused by the AI attribution of fake facts to his name.

Helpful hint to students: be VERY careful if you are trying to use AI to cheat on student essays!

However maybe humans article generators are nearly as bad - in 2013 the Daily Mail had an article about Kris Holm: “Around the world on a unicycle: Man takes sport to extreme lengths…” where it stated Kris could do 50 mph on a unicycle, as well as several other confabulations. It was written as if it was an interview, but it wasn’t. Kris actually pointed this out to them in a comment on their web site; partial quote from Kris: “… A few major corrections (minor corrections would be too numerous to list) 1) I wasn’t contacted for this article. 2) No unicyclist has ever ridden 50 mph…” .

OK, here are answers by chat GPT to my simple questions:

Q1: what is the largest known unicycle wheel?

A1: The largest known unicycle wheel currently belongs to the British unicyclist and engineer Rob Bescoby, who created a custom unicycle with a 52-inch (132 cm) wheel in 2021. The unicycle was built for a charity ride across the Australian outback, where Bescoby rode more than 1,200 miles (1,931 km) on the giant unicycle.

The previous record for the largest unicycle wheel was held by Australian rider Terry Peterson, who rode a unicycle with a 45-inch (114 cm) wheel more than 14,000 kilometers across Australia in 1986.

It’s worth noting that these extremely large unicycle wheels are not commonly used for general riding or performance, as they can be difficult to control and require significant skill and strength to ride. However, they can be impressive feats of engineering and athleticism, and are often used for charity rides or extreme challenges.

Q2: what is the largest known unicycle wheel?

A2: The largest known unicycle wheel was built by Terry Peterson of San Diego, California in 2008. It measures 12 feet (3.7 meters) in diameter and weighs over 200 pounds (90 kg). Peterson’s unicycle was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Largest Unicycle” and has been exhibited at various events around the world.

The wheel is made up of a custom-built aluminum frame, with a tire that is more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) in diameter and 16 inches (41 cm) wide. It takes a skilled rider to mount and ride the unicycle, which is too large to fit through a standard doorway or navigate most outdoor spaces.

Peterson built the giant unicycle to promote physical fitness and encourage people to try new things. The unicycle has since become a popular attraction at fairs, festivals, and other events, drawing crowds of curious onlookers who marvel at its sheer size and the skill of the rider who can ride it.

Q3: what is the largest known unicycle wheel?

A3: The largest known unicycle wheel is currently a 54-inch (137 cm) wheel built by Terry Peterson in 2011. The unicycle was ridden by him in a parade in San Diego, California, USA.

There have been reports of even larger unicycles in the past, but they were either not officially measured or were not used for riding due to their size. Building a functional unicycle with such a large wheel size is challenging due to issues such as stability, weight, and maneuverability. Therefore, a 54-inch wheel is considered an impressive and rare feat in the unicycling world.

Q4: what is the largest known unicycle wheel?

A4: As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the largest known unicycle wheel had a diameter of 36 inches (91.44 cm). Unicycles with 36-inch wheels, known as “Giraffes,” are popular for distance riding, as they allow riders to cover greater distances with each pedal stroke. However, there may be larger unicycle wheels that have been developed since then.

It’s worth noting that the larger the wheel, the more difficult it can be to control, especially at slower speeds or on rough terrain. For this reason, larger unicycles are typically used by experienced riders with advanced skills.

Q5: tell me more about Terry Peterson’s ride across Australia in 1986

A5: Terry Peterson’s ride across Australia in 1986 is considered one of the most impressive feats in unicycling history. Peterson, a veteran unicyclist from Australia, rode a custom-built unicycle with a 45-inch (114 cm) wheel from Perth to Sydney, covering more than 14,000 kilometers (8,700 miles) over the course of 9 months.

Peterson began his journey in Perth in January 1986, and rode across the continent through a wide variety of terrain, from rugged mountains and deserts to bustling cities and coastal towns. He faced extreme weather conditions, from scorching heat and sandstorms to freezing temperatures and heavy rain.

Throughout his journey, Peterson relied on the support of his wife, who drove a support vehicle and provided him with food, water, and supplies. He also received support from local communities along the way, who were amazed by his determination and skill on the unicycle.

Peterson completed his journey in Sydney in September 1986, after riding an average of 50-60 kilometers per day. His ride remains a legendary achievement in the unicycling community and has inspired countless riders to push the limits of what is possible on a unicycle.

Today, Peterson’s unicycle is on display at the Unicycle Museum in California, USA, where it is considered a priceless artifact of unicycling history.

Q6: tell me more about Rob Bescoby’s unicycle

A6: Rob Bescoby’s custom-built unicycle with a 52-inch (132 cm) wheel is an impressive feat of engineering and design. Bescoby, a British unicyclist and engineer, built the unicycle specifically for a charity ride across the Australian outback in 2021, where he rode more than 1,200 miles (1,931 km) on the giant unicycle to raise money for cancer research.

The unicycle features a custom frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight. The wheel itself is a custom creation, made from a combination of bicycle rims and spokes, and features a custom-made tire that is 6 inches (15 cm) wide to provide stability and grip on rough terrain.

The unicycle also features a custom crank arm and pedal system, which allows Bescoby to generate more power and control the unicycle more effectively. The saddle, or seat, is custom-made to provide comfort and support for Bescoby over long distances.

One of the most impressive features of Bescoby’s unicycle is the hub, which is custom-built to handle the enormous forces generated by the large wheel. The hub features a 17mm axle, which is twice the size of a typical bicycle axle, and is made from high-strength steel to prevent bending or deformation under stress.

Overall, Bescoby’s unicycle is an impressive achievement of engineering and design, and a testament to the creativity and determination of unicyclists around the world.

Q7: how about Sam Johnson in Australia?

A7: Yes, Sam Johnson is another well-known unicyclist from Australia. In 2017, he completed a 15,000-kilometer (9,320-mile) unicycle journey around Australia to raise awareness for the Love Your Sister cancer charity, which was founded by his brother, actor and activist Samuel Johnson.

Sam Johnson’s ride around Australia took him through a wide variety of terrain, from urban areas to remote outback regions, and he faced numerous challenges along the way. He also used his journey as an opportunity to raise funds for cancer research and to encourage people to make positive changes in their lives.

In addition to his long-distance unicycle rides, Sam Johnson is known for his skillful performances of urban unicycling, which involves performing tricks and stunts on a unicycle in urban environments. He has also been involved in the creation of custom unicycle frames and components, and has used his expertise to help other riders improve their equipment and skills.

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it is important to realize how chatGPT operates… it tries to make a statistical mish-mash of previous texts (just like the text completer when you type on your phone)… I wonder if the “A.I.” qualifier is exact :grimacing:

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I heard many people say this. I have no clue how it works and what would be qualified as an A.I., but software like ChatGPT or Midjourney are something we’ve never seen before, at least in the sense of it’s a huge quality increase compared to previous technologies. Whatever it is, the results are impressive.

@canapin: here is in french (sorry) a lenghty explanation on how chatGPT operates:

for sure the question is : what qualifies any process as A.I?
I think that Midjourney has different principles (but I do not know how it operates).

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Interesting how AI is very much a fan of wide handlebars on unicycles, but often considers seats optional…

I think it is best to consider chat GPT as a creative resource which produces imaginary stuff based on your hints. Below are a couple of unicycling poems created entirely by chat GPT. [by the way, apologies for my long verbose posts in this topic]:


Amidst the peaks that scrape the sky, A group of unicyclists doth ply Their way along the mountain trails, Their courage never once to fail.

With rocks and roots and hills so steep, Each one does watch their balance keep, And though the challenge doth be great, They pedal on, with naught to wait.

As they ascend, the air grows thin, The views more breathtaking to begin, The valleys stretch out far below, And all around the mountains glow.

But as they journey down once more, Their hearts doth with a sense of awe At what they’ve conquered, what they’ve seen, A feeling evermore serene.

For unicycling through the peaks, Is more than just a daring feat, It’s a way to feel alive and free, And see the world so differently.


Through the desert Jesse rode alone, His unicycle a steady drone, The sand and heat, a punishing test, But he rode on, his soul possessed.

Yet in a moment, fate did turn, A hidden rock, a crash and burn, His leg was broken, pain intense, With no water, no recompense.

But fate would not abandon him, A group of hikers, by a whim, Stumbled upon his lonely plight, And called for help with all their might.

Jesse survived, a second chance, A miracle in circumstance, With newfound caution and respect, He rode again, with no regret.

For though the desert may be cruel, It cannot break a rider’s rule, To seek adventure, take the risk, And ride with heart, in life’s great frisk.


The circus unicycle, a sight to behold,
With ribbons and feathers, and gems of gold.
Its polished chrome wheel, a shining display,
Reflecting the lights in a magical way.

The frame, a work of art, so intricate and bold,
A wonder to see, and a story to be told.
The seat, soft leather, with playful design,
Embroidered with joy, and circus in mind.

As it rides in a parade, or the circus ring,
The unicycle leaves a trail, a colorful thing.
The rider, decked out, in a bright costume so gay,
Performs daring stunts, with skill and grace to display.

A masterpiece of art, and unicycling skill,
A joy to behold, with every ride and thrill.
The circus unicycle, a true celebration,
Of creativity and imagination.


The AI drawings remind me of an artist’s project about two-wheelers, which was printed in a German newspaper some years ago. The artist let people draw a bicycle (adults, not children), and then did a CAD construction of that. I wonder what the results would have been had he made the people draw unis.

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This is the whole project with more funny bicycles.


I thought I would play around with Midjourney tonight to spitball some potential tattoo ideas and these are some of the creations that came from it. It seems like Midjourney is still struggling with creating unicycles, but nonetheless, I think these turned out interesting.

The prompt:

circular tattoo illustration of a large unicycle with a skeleton rider and mountains in the background. Punk Rock vibes. Black and white. --v 4

circular tattoo illustration of a unicycle, large unicycle with a skeleton rider and mountains in the background. Punk Rock vibes. Black and white. --v 4


A Unicycle with skeleton rider? OK


Nicee, I dig the flames

I do ever so much want to see @UniGeezer Terry Peterson’s 12 ft diameter unicycle :grin:

Supposed to be a unicyclist riding with a futuristic Moon in the background.


I’ve tried an AI that doesn’t just draw from a prompt. Now, there are AIs that will use an image structure, a prompt and a whole bunch of parameters.

Some elements are still missing, but starting from an existing image helps a lot.
I used 2 well-known images (a real one and a montage). I think you should recognize them. :slight_smile:


I asked for unicyclists in a forest setting. The results are a little um terrifying

Hmm… I wonder if this is how people see us when we cycle in a group @UniMyra, @Ulrik?


Close enough :smile:


Very unrealistic. Their seats are positioned way too low.

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It’s getting better… How many years before we actually have good AI-generated unicycles? Does someone want to train a model? :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note, if anyone ever asks how you got so addicted to unicycling, tell them it is because of the medicine you are taking …

The prompt I used.

Make an image of “a syringe filled with a few unicycles”

It also gave me an alternative image


Oh… third time was kind of good… not sure why I am evening doing this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: