Ah, I ruined my new Stealth Torker


Being mechanically inept sucks. I got my frame on fine, but it wasn’t until I was half way done screwing in one of my pedals that I realized that the slight curve on the crank was deceptive and that I wasn’t screwing the pedal in straight. Now I have a deeply cross-threaded pedal. I know I did the same on the other side too, but only for about 2 turns, because it was unusually tight and I decided to back out and try the other side.

So, I cant play with my new Stealth Torker until I buy new cranks and pedals somewhere.

Oh well, at least it was a cheap mistake.


Bummer! You aren’t the first person who has done that. Fortunately they weren’t $110 Kooka cranks.

Gotta be careful when threading pedals especially in aluminum alloy cranks. It’s very easy to cross-thread aluminum threads. For the benefit of the group, the pedal threads should be greased before trying to thread the pedal on the crank (naked ungreased threads are bad). And always get the threads started by hand before reaching for the wrench (spanner). If you start the threads by hand you will be less likely to get them cross-threaded.

I had a close call with my DM cranks on my Vortex earlier this year. The threads on one crank have gotten bashed a bit so when I started threading the pedal on it didn’t engage straight and got started cross-threaded. I caught it before it did any damage, just gotta be extra careful with that crank now when installing pedals. The DM cranks are steel. Even with steel threads it’s possible to get them started cross-threaded.

you bought that thing to learn wheel walking anyway.


When I made our Ultimate Wheel, I made my own insert for the middle. To form the threads, I borrowed the appropriate taps from the local bike shop. Your LBS should have a set they use to clean up threads in cranks. I wonder if the LBS could run the taps through the pedal hole from the rear and reform the threads.

Just a thought.



Don’t forget that you have an almost new set of cranks that I just took off your old Schwinn wheel. Also, I’ve got all the taps we need to, perhaps, save your crank. Don’t throw anything away.

I’ll put your cranks in the mail in the morning, if you want. Just let me know. I’m not sure of the length tha tyou need nor what you have here are. Also, the cranks that you have here in Memphis are steel. Just let me know what you want me to do, bro.


As per the other thread, those cranks will almost certainly be too long.