ah, audiences

People who watch us ammuse me at times.

I was out unicycling in a somewhat public area with my juggling club a few
days ago. We were on one side of the Erie Canal, with a few park benches,
but very few people. On the other side was a restaurant, and a well-used
walkway. Anyway, we weren’t performing… we just happened to be
practicing where a lot of people could see us.

I had been practicing whatever tricks I was working on – wheel walking,
one-footed riding, hopping up obstacles, and off of picknick tables. I got
tired, and a friend asked to borrow my unicycle. He rode forwards,
wobbling slightly, as he juggled three clubs. People on the other side of
the canal were suddently clapping and cheering. Until this point, I had
completely forgot people were around.

Well, we all started laughing because of how (relatively) easy it is to
juggle while riding forwards, yet it impressed people enough that they
felt the need to clap.

I’m just glad I wasn’t the one who decided to juggle while riding :slight_smile:

Jeff Lutkus

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