After EUC is before EUC / some questions for 2010

As I was requested so many times if there will be a EUC winter edition in 2010 again I check the options in the Adventure Hall in Cologne to see whats possible. A possible date which i also would like much will be Carneval 2010 (13./14./15./02.2010). The EUC will happen then Saturday/SUnday/Monday and Friday will be the day to arrive. The Skatepark is then on Monday completely free for us to celebrate a great Street competition again which no delay between qualifications and finals. We would have then one day for each competition which should result in a very relaxed convention for sure.
Also its more then 5 weeks after Unicon ends so those who are able to make both possible could come also even if this winter edition is more dedicated to those that are not able to go to NZ.
EUC2010 summer will happen in Brno (Chech Republik) in the end of August 2010 and in September 2009 the EUC downhill edition will happen in Steinach/Germany.

Please add some comments about the 2010 winter edition and then all Muni riders should take a look how to come to Steinach in the beginn of September :D.

I really hope I can come…! :smiley:

I realy want to go to next euc, but the air tickets are too expensive! I’m going to ask someone for sponsorship i think

Cologne is that the place near paris where they have the k-124 shop?

Move the Summer edition to the end of July or first week of August!!! Or all students from the South Hemisphere will not come :frowning: Its winter break and ends in the start of August!!!

PS: Sorry, Adriens keyboard is different :stuck_out_tongue:

I will talk with Chengey about that but in the beginn of august its holliday here and most are away on a holliday trip. We will see.

Cologne is in Germany and morre or less K1 free Town :smiley:

winter edition is too close to unicon for me plus its wen i go bak to skool.
but i would luv to fly up to france for the summer euc if i can find the money to fly up and if im not too busy with skool (as next year is my final year at skool:D)

i really wanna go for winter edition too, hope i get the money for it:p

I will come to the summer and winter edition :D:D:D:D:D:D

@ Isaac: if you went to france in summer you will be alone there :smiley: THe next summer edition is in Brno (Chech Republik) as I wrote in my posting.

I know that 5 weeks is still close to Unicon but there are soooo many riders from Europe that cant make it to Unicon. From Australia its just a big hop, from here its half arround the Planet :wink:

oh woops, yea that would certainly suk lol:p

So… what’s the price?

We dont have fixed the price up to now, I just try to figure out if the Carneval weekend is a good date. Once the date is fix we will announce the price soon.

Cool, can’t wait to find out that I can afford it! :smiley:

Just a reminder:

The EUC Downhill takes place in Steinach from the 5 to 6. September, registration is open!

Registration here:

Now it’s done :smiley: EUC winter edition 2010 will happen while Carneval 2010 in Cologne again.
The following time table is planed for now:

Friday 12.02.2010: arrival day
Saturday 13.02.2010: Flatland competition
Sunday 14.02.2010: Trials competition
Monday 15.02.2010: Street competition (the skate will be ours for the complete day then)
Tuesday 16.02.2010: last riders leave

So check up now your options to get a cheap trip to cologne :smiley: The registration will open soon