Afraid of higher heights

Hello… When i try to jump up on something that i didn’t do before (etc my record is little more then 3 pallets im too afraid to move to four pallets… So i get stuck at that height. Also i don’t really know how to tuck… Im jumping SIF. Anyone help please? ;S

I can jump 4-6 pallets SI it’s all in the mid just go for it :slight_smile:

You have to pull the seat up and forwards and allow your legs to bend and the most important bit, KEEP your legs bent.

I struggled for ages because although I could tuck I didn’t realise I wasn’t holding the tuck and so I would just jump, tuck, un-tuck (all before landing) and wonder why I couldn’t jump high.

It feels weird at first but it will feel normal with practise.


Work on your consistency at your current hight and try to exagerate the tuck on some easy ups. Then raise your pallets 1 in. at a time.

Practice squats (touch your but to the tire) and squat riding (just get really low). Also just before practicing, w/o your uni, jump as high as you can & suck up your legs as high as possible a few times.

Okay thanks, I was out trying little now… worked pretty good, I tried to hold my body straight amnd that felt better. I bet its just practise from here ^^ But also do you have any advice for tire pressure? I have no idea of how i should have it :S At the moment i think i have pretty low. My weight is like 65 kg. Thanks for replies :smiley:

Generally you want the pressure as low as you can w/o getting pinch flats or the tire folding over the rim. I use a digital guage that reads to xx.5 psi and accurate to 0.5 psi.

You can get a bit better spring from the tire w/ a bit less air, but since this would increase your likelyhood of a pinch flat I would not hop back down on the uni.

Okay thanks ^^

I’m just scared of pallets, but I just tell me: “if I dont do it now I’ll never do it!” The reason why I’m scared of pallets is that sometimes on big hops I tend to gap a little bit after I landed, of if I miss my hop I fall in the direction I was going and I’m scared to fall off the pallets. It happenned to me a few times… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i also fell pretty bad sometimes xD But i have one hint and that is my knee problem wich hurts if i bend the knee too much so that is limiting my riding alot but yeah i will hope it stops sometime ^^ But today i did some steps forward… i got up on a picnic table (first on bench then up on table) wich i never dared to do before. So yeah its just keep practising :smiley:

You should prob see a physical therapist about that knee and get some exercises to make it better. You may have been doing things that agravate it, the PT could help you learn ways of moving so you don’t continue to agravate them and have good knees for a long time.

  • falling over pallets - put an additional stack as heigh or nearly so, then you would fall far.

-squats and squat riding: As demonstrated by the inventor of Muni, George Peck from the first ever uni DVD. (first time I’ve ever found him on youtube)

Yeah i will do that… Thanks ^^

Awesome Post!

This is an awesome post. It was great seeing that George Peck footage!

Thanks for linking it in.


That footage is timeless.

Really annoying they way he says words beginning with “w” though :stuck_out_tongue: