Advice on cutting T-Handles in Nimbus Impulse needed

Just got my 36" Nimbus Impluse today. Putting it together now. Had to take about 3 inches off the seat post. I am wondering about cutting the T-handles to make them shorter. Has anyone done this? Is it needed? I am thinking maining about the rear one but also wonder about the front handle bar positioning. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

Your question would be better placed in the Shadow Handlebar thread. Don’t cut it. You will wish it was longer. Also, don’t butt it all the way up against the inside. Don’t over tighten and leave room for movement from UPDs. There is a good thread dedicated to the Impulse as well.

If you’re not using it, I would remove the rear one entirely. It really only is useful if you need a lot of baggage, and even then it’s not very useful. (Weight on the unicycle sucks).

For the front handle bar, ride with it a little while to see what works for you; you can always shorten it later but you can’t lengthen it.

Shortening it isn’t hard; a hacksaw or pipe cutter will do.

I agree that you should ride with the bar as is to see what works for you. Here’s what I ended up doing with mine: Post Your 36er Here

I suggest that you go ahead and cut it to whatever size feels right as you are learning. (I would probably not even mount the handlebar until you have some experience on the 36".) Later on you may find you want a longer handle bar. If so, just buy another one: