Advice needed on best bottle cage

I’ve just broken my second bottle cage on the T7 handle.

Does anyone have any opinion/experience about the best type of cage to withstand many failed freemounting attempts and the odd crash?


I don’t know much about the cages since I don’t use them, but I wonder if you’ve considered the camelbak, (or the many variations of) I find it more convenient, easier to sip from while riding.

(also, in other threads I’ve read that the camelbak helps absorb impacts during high speed coker crashes, though I expect you and I won’t need to rely on that at the speeds we ride):slight_smile:

Yes I’ve got a couple of camelbak’s but I prefer to ride without if I’m not doing over about 15 miles. And if you have a T7 handle, you just have to have a bottle cage on there. :smiley:

Well, as has been suggested, a camelback is superb, and that’s what I use nearly all of the time.

When I did my Swansea to Birmingham ride a few months back, though, I had a bottle with neat cordial in to use when my camelback needed topping up with water. For that I used a standard aluminium type cage, and a length of Velcro strip that went neatly around the thin part of the bottle before it widened out again. (The bottle had a well defined neck in it). For access a couple of times a day whilst stationary it was fine, but I’m not sure I would recommend it for frequent use. But it did survive several dismounts :smiley:


I can confirm this firsthand.

Yeah, yeah, so the time I met you wasn’t exactly a dismount, but more of a badly executed emergency evacuation :smiley: But things weren’t always that messy. Honest!

I believe you. Really.

Cathy, have you tried the LBS?
Last time I browsed mine thay had spangly metal bottle cages, quite thick too. What type did you have on the T7?