Advice / Help needed!

Currently, I own a Profi 20" from Qu-Ax and I use it for commute purposes.

Yesterday, I ridden my unicycle to Temasek Poly (my school). During the journey there, I actually fell once - when I had to cycle over a steep bump.

My second attempt failed. Another problem I face, is the lack of speed.

So with all these in mind, I’m considering to get a bigger wheel.

Here are my choices, so far.

KH29 (it’s expensive!)
Nimbus 29"

The two unicycles look pretty sleek to me. I want a versatile unicycle, which can be used for mountain trips and normal commuting purposes. Any recommendations for that?

Hmm, I don’t mind buying 2nd handed 29" unicycle if anyone is selling. (I live in Singapore)

My advice: get the nimbus, and if it lasts long enough, you should get a KH. you don’t want to get a really expensive uni and it just dying in the first few months

Hi Freedo, thanks for replying.

I don’t quite understand your statement…

You’re saying, get the 29" nimbus first, and if it is lasting, i’ll get the KH29.

Wait, if my nimbus is lasting, why should I get the KH29?

Also, I think Kris Holm unicycles are quite good.

I’d go for the KH, basically because they are ‘top-of-the-range’ unicycle brand. If you know that you love unicycling and want to do it for a while, just spend the extra money and get yourself a good uni.
Hope it works out.

Both unicycles are of good quality and should last you a long time. Really the big differences are the weight of the frame, dual hole cranks and the width of the rim. You just have to decide if the differences are worth the extra money or not.

Thanks everyone for their input / advice.

I have forgotten about Qu-Ax 29". It looks pretty neat to me, and it’s cheap.

Probably able to do long distance rides, as well as mountain trails?

KH is like the Lexus of the unicycling world. The price is 2x of Qu-Ax…


I went with the Nimbus 29" Muni and love it. I ride the trails with it and also use it to commute all over town, including shopping!
To me the added $ of the KH wasnt justified. And so far, 2 months in, only problem I have had was caused by me.

pretty much what I’m saying is go for nimbus.