Advanced Hopping- Plz Help

How do I get more height out of my jump? I can only jump like 2 inches high…:frowning:

Plz help!!

I never tried this, but just imagine jumping without the unicycle. Then do it on the unicycle. This should help out a bit. Then there gets more technical stuff like SI (seat in) and SIF (seat in front). Until them, work on what I said, one day it will come.

Thanks. If it helps any for you to give advice, I hop seat in.:slight_smile:

Just keep hopping and you will start getting farther and higher. Set goals for your distance and your height and you wil progress.

I can jump about half a metre si but less sif anyone got any tips sif jumping

what i’ve been working on that seems to help is just timing. Learn to compress your tire and jump straight up when it is fully compressed. I have added a little height to my vertical from proper timing. Also, make sure that after you jump up, you bring the unicycle up under you (pull it up with your hand)

I don’t really get u when u say to compress the tire is it making it flat as possible so it give u more spring in the jump?

that means push down REALLY hard with all your body weight so that the tire squishes and then springs back up to give you more bounce.

I tink so:)

Yo S’toon. I am moving up north but will be back in town in a couple weeks. Thinking of trying to get a few riders together in Toon Town. I am thinking an afternoon ride Sunday the 10th. Let me know if you are in.

Can’t really help you with the hop though. Definitely not my strong suit.

As simple as it sounds i find it helps when you visualise yourself doing something just before you do. Alot of it just comes down to practice and confidence.

Also, Try lowering your seat. This way you can pull the uni up higher when your in the air. I gained a few more inches off the ground from doing this.

Good luck!

compressing the tire makes you spring upwards

you have to do a couple little hops and then when you’re at the peak of a hop slam your unicycle/body down and then launch back up. Then when you get to that peak, work on compressing your tire from your new max height and you’ll continue to get higher. Then eventually you’ll have to switch to sif to get higher (or rolling hops)

Keep me in the loop re: the Sunday ride Eric. Time, place, type of uni etc.

I noticed while watching the Ryan Atkins video that he barely bends his knees while hopping, yet gets quite a bounce. If one were to jump without the uni all the power would be from the knees. I’m sure correct form has a lot to do with it but is it mostly the quick-twitch muscles that give the rider that much height?

that’s what it feels like to me when I hop, I hardly use my knees except when I bend them to tuck. I can possibly help at the trials course when I come up for the Uni day if anyone wants tips for higher hops I finally hit 26" with no prehop and 30" with a prehop. this last weekend. I should work on freestyle more haha I need to learn somemore stuff so I don’t feel lame when I go to the workshops :stuck_out_tongue:

Im wondering can u jump higher on a uni than not on a uni?

Nope, I can only jump 30" on my uni and I can jump almost 56" off my uni(without running)

I’ll take you up on the offer, Madison. I know I can jump higher, it’s just a matter of form (I think).

See you at the clinic!

I don’t mean to hijack the thread but i was wondering if compressing your tire for that extra bounce would work on a unicycle with a thin tire?

I can get up curbs easy but i want to be able to jump higher and im not going to be able to get a proper trials uni for a long time.