Adriens Frontflip

Adrien did a short video from his own footage, luckily he was able to film himself :smiley:
You will find it here and can download it here
Congratulations , a+

Wow! Great job!:smiley:


ow… that was insane !!! :astonished: :astonished:
the moment he feld I was a moment in shock :stuck_out_tongue: because it looks really painfull… :wink:


Yet again… mad!

Hey, I also did a video of Adrien with all attempts that he made until he completed the front flip.
Is here. I hope you enjoy it.

I wonder if anyone will ever be able to pull that off on flat ground! Maybe with spring shocks?

Lets start with a 6-set first. =p

Mad French guy.
The adrenaline rush after the landing must have been so great :sunglasses: