Adrien et Elias

Adrien upload today that nice little peace of unicycling to our Server :smiley:
You shouldn’t miss that video!


1080! How the heck is that possible!!


Elias’ bail on the stairs was scary. I was worried when the camera kept rolling and the cameraman walked up, that’s normally bad news.


I thought the 900 was still big news…

wow 1080 unispin and sej sideflip

So good!

…it hurts.

This unicycle community is progressing so fast, you have to practice sooo hard to keep up. Adrien…your not helping the matter! :angry:

just kidding


1080 unispin

The 900flip is just around the corner, I can feel it.:smiley:

No 900 sidespin? I thought for sure that would be in there somewhere.

Too Crazy for words. I’d like to say that all the sick parts belong to Adrien, but i’d be lying. Both of them are insane.

wow. it seems that adrien is now untouchable.

Adrien’s 630 combo was neat.
Loved Elias’s skinny to rail.

Crazy stuff from both of them.

uhhh…wow…im speechless, that was a wild ride!

I <3 ADRIEN!!! dang son that was hot…cant believe the 1080

Awesome stuff.



Sejside was pretty pro :wink:

Treside triple was also pretty pro.

And Elias’ drop into the grind.

Very nice vid guys.

Oh and Adrien’s first combo :slight_smile:

Loved all of Elias’s riding. Adriens was pretty good, as expected. He is a god.