Adjusting Torker maic caps

Greg Harper wrote:
“The Stealth Torker I bought had overtightened maincap bearings which
adjusted at the shop to make sure they spun OK. They were fairly
severely overtightened so I showed them the technique to properly

I was at another LBS, yesterday, and they had Torker unis. I noticed
that the 24" had some kind of bearing problem; either a bad bearing or
the main cap was over tightened. What is the proper procedure for
tightening them? While it is a very knowledgable shop about high end
racing and mountain bikes, I’m not sure they know what they’re doing
with a uni.

Also, I like the “Stealth Torker” I’ve seen posted. Is it available in

Best regards,
Bruce Still Riding Two Wheels Shannahoff

I’ve posted this before but I couldn’t find it. Torque values are certainly not required to make this adjustment correctly.

With the main cap holder nuts on FINGER tight and the gap on each side of the holders equal, turn the wheel by hand and observe as it coasts to a stop. This is about how it should turn when the bearings are tightened correctly so remember what it looks like or about how long it takes. Now, tighten one side with a 10mm wrench evenly on each nut until it starts to bind, or coasts to a stop more quickly. This is too tight. Back it off until it just turns freely again. Now do the other side. This doesn’t require an enormous amount of precision and if you do more than two iterations you’re already getting too picky.