adjusting to a bigger wheel

I said the same, but Kris said it was very unlikely, having to do with low sales on the existing hub making new product lines not commercially viable. They do have to be profitable :wink:

I could use a downgear for my 36er tonight, it’s big hill night, ugh!

I intentionally rode my 36er on one ride with Kris at the Bellingham munifest, just to show that it was doable. I don’t think it impressed him much, he’s probably seen more 36er muni than I’ve done :roll_eyes:

A lower gear ratio (1 : 1.35) for us simple humans would be nice, certainly a more user friendly tool for gearing up our unis.

And I still think this is partly due to the rediculous cost. If they could come up with a cheaper hub, or another company would manufacture something that’d work, I think more people would ride them.

I remember Ben mentioning the NuVinci continuously variable planetary transmission.That would be great if it were adapted for a unicycle.The new N360 version weighs 2.45 kg,which is a bit heavier than the schlumpf,which I think is 1.92kg. For road cycling I think 2.45kg is tolerable.

Absolutely. I think that quote would have been more accurate if it had suggested people would want one; affording one is another story.

I appreciate the simplicity of the unicycle as well. I have plenty like that in my garage. But when I go out on the bike path, I want to go fast. And keep up with my wife on her recumbent. I enjoy putting up with the difficulties of riding and shifting the beast, but it’s definitely not for everybody. My MUni, on the other hand, is more quaint, with no brakes, gears or handlebar.

Simpler to make – harder to sell. Probably something like 10% or less of the amount of people that buy today’s Schlumpfs, which would make them even more costly.

Definitely, but that’s where we are. Manufacturing in China/Taiwan was attempted (by Harper), but they never got any “quality” prototypes so the idea was scrapped. I’d love it if the hubs were cheaper, but not if it would increase the risk of breakdown, which can lead to injury.

the 700C Guni is nice. But not as stable as anything else i have ridden. but geared up it gets moving and smooths out.

If we can save for a Unicycle we can eventually save for a Schlumpf if we want. Depends on their value to the owner. I agree here it cost me 1700 AUD not cheap or easy to save for but i wanted one set the goal and have it. Swiss built specially the latest ones they are very strong and robust. China can copy anything anyone in the world can produce. Even then still i will buy original. Long term it will last longer and is servicable. All at a cost ofcourse but very few mechanical issues with them from what i hear.

Would love a slightly lower ratio more muni friendly version. wow i will sell my car to get one like that! If you can support Kris and Florian in their products they can produce more, sell more from customer referal and look at production quantities and costs. If more people buy Guni hubs they will eventually make different ratio ones, improve the designs and produce more. Possibly reducing costs or making older models more affordable to sell them off.

If someone invents an internal geared fixie bike hub to suit a isis uni i doubt it will out last a Schlumpf or be as strong. Alot of pressure is going into a hub specially geared up.

I would like to pre-order my 1:1.35 hub now please

Understand why a schlumpf (lower case initial yes but its a name I know but im lazy) costs what they do.
I also admire simple setups. I slipped up in saying ‘will progress to guni’
Many may not like to, many may not afford to, many may never have desire to even try someone else’s, a select few will go there and decide its not their cuppa tea.

Riding is an sport, art, transportation and enjoyment. I like brakes, no brakes. Guni and fixie none the less from one and other. If I had a a couple spare million in my bank account I would buy a few hundred schlumpfs, support the small unicycle industry, breed the technology and listen to opinions such as ours as Kris does so well and offer if I ever couple a geared hub to all those who wanted one or try one who may never get the opportunity too.
On the other extreme if I had to let go or loose everything I own you would need to pry my fixed gear 36er from my dead body’s fingers.

Sorry to miss lead by implying without evidence ‘most will’ at some stage of riding like to own a guni

Still I wouldn’t like to restrict anyone or discourage someone from stepping up in wheel size or ratio. I will enjoy my 36 or guni even stalling on hills far more than any setup on a 26’’ wheel. No aspirations here to become a uni mountain climber. Just out to ride, anywhere any time on anything and enjoy it and trying new things. I enjoy hitting hills on a 36 inch and muni down some good tracks brakeless. I feel sorry for anyone restricted on in a comfort zone reluctant to proceed from that they will never see their full enjoyment in unicycling or experience it much as possible

Hope I haven’t offended anyone previously. Please msg if anyone holds anything against my perceived arrogant opinions

Hello Tasmania, there was no arrogance in your opinions. They were just enthusiastic comments with no bad intentions. Then the legalists had a go at you, nit picking your words in their judgemental arrogance.

Don’t let them spoil your enjoyment of this forum.

I’ve only been riding a 36" for five days now and it’s already not only more difficult free mounting my 24", but it’s also harder to ride it! On Monday (after riding a 36" exclusively for 3 days), I hopped on the 24" and could hardly stay on. Even after riding for about 20 minutes, I was still struggling. My kids and I are riding in a parade tomorrow, and since I won’t be riding the 36", I sure I hope I can recalibrate to the 24" by then. :slight_smile:

I should note that the same thing happened a year ago when I rode a 28" for awhile and then switched back to 24". I guess my brain is just more challenged than most in the coordination department, because my daughter effortlessly switches back and forth between 12", 16", 18", and 20". She even took off down the street the first time she ever tried a 24". It’s a good thing she’s too short for a 36" or I’d probably never get a turn on it. :slight_smile:

maybe i am not used to smaller wheels and longer cranks anymore so for me now larger wheel sizes (29 -36) and shorter cranks (137-100) i find more enjoyable useful and gainful to my profession in proficiency.

Often when i need to walk somewhere from a car ect. i so wish each time i had a Uni (for this fact i always have one in the car now)
But on a Uni if i can not travel beyond walking or a slightly faster pace even running depending on the mood i feel the Uni not as satisfying as it could be for a commute.
Muni is just fun. Not so much fun for me on a choppy slow 24" that weighs half ton even without a brake with all its mighty pedal bob that climbs any hill and makes my legs work more than necessary to have even more enjoyment thats available one a larger wheel. Hope something somewhere in these thread has helped anyone in what they believe they want out of their obsession

MT, don’t take it too hard. A lot of people on here have been guilty of making assumptions and I think we’re all a bit over enthusiastic when it comes to our uni’s and how we like them. We all have uni’s and every one of them is a bit different and often reflects the owner.