Adjustable seat post for 31.6 mm frame (RGB)

The KH Adjustable is only available in 25.4 and 27.2 mm. The new QX RGB unis require 31.6 mm.

I know that a few years ago, some riders used the bottom parts of Thomson Elite seat posts with the top part of the KH as the Thomson is one-piece and offered more colors. The Thomson Elite would be available in 31.6 mm. Are the current versions still compatible to the KH top part?
And as they are pretty expensive: are there other seat posts known that are compatible? (The Sixpack Menace would be pretty cool as it is affordable and comes in different colors.)

… or am I completely wrong and the Thomsons were only used with the CF bases?

Maybe @qu-ax can help?

never seen such a Thomson, sorry - was it possibly with a KH railmount adaptor? (photo attached)

Can you not just use seat post shim to make up the diameter change?

I haven’t checked the specifics on diameter, but I’m meaning something like this:

No. I searched a little bit yesterday (after my post) and even Kris Holm wrote something over this combo. It seems, that the diameter of the swivel part was not exactly the same, but it worked. Maybe Kris (@danger_uni) could chime in. Maybe this diameter was not an invention of him but a measure some other companies already used? Knowing the exact diameter would also allow to ask other manufacturers if their posts have the same.

Of course. This would also be possible. But to make it fit without adapters and shims would be somehow nicer.

My older Thomson posts (2000-ish) don’t match my KH post very well - I didn’t feel comfortable using the setup. I don’t remember exactly what the problem was, but I think the curve of the Thomson base vs. the KH bit didn’t quite match, and also the bolts didn’t line up quite right.

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