Adirondack Distance Tour - Photos and Blog

Hey guys.

I just returned from an awesome cycle tour with my dad. He was on a recumbent and I was on my KH 36.

Check out the blog and photostream.

Go to page 2 if you want to start from the beginning.


I saw that on the UDC blog. Marvellous! Looked like ton’s of fun regardless of the occasional mishaps…

Cool Levi, great adventure, and being able to do that stuff with your dad, priceless.

I didn’t know about the insect ‘challenge’ in the Adirondacks, I guess it’s early summer there though so that makes sense. Neat faring (sp?) on your dad’s recumbent too.

What stuff were you carrying in your backpack and those two smaller bags on the frame?

Hmmm, I wonder how many people have broken their KH touring bars already? That is good that you found a welder fast. Cool pics.

I can’t believe you rode right past the homes of 3 RTLers (3 of us (Roland, me, and Perry) are in Albany NY area) and didn’t even stop to call! :wink:

Seriously, I would have ridden a leg of your tour with you or given you guys a deluxe lodging and food set up, or something!

Congrats on your trip and let us know next time!

Great pics, and great ride, Levi. Thanks for sharing!

I was wondering the same thing. The 2 long distance reviews from Levi and Dave Cox, on the blogs, appear to have broken them at the same place.
I should be getting my handle in a week or two, and am starting to consider finding a welder to reinforce the weld, before it breaks on me in the middle of a ride. Any other opinions?

Very nice trip, good pics. Must have been memorable times, with your dad. Thanks for posting.

Oops! Sorry about that. I knew some of the forums members lived in the area but couldn’t remember which. Next time I’ll let you know for sure. You sure have some nice road riding close by…

Do that for sure. Mine is much stronger now.

I hear that Kris might do a re-release of the handle with a stronger weld and thicker gauge aluminum in the spot that keeps breaking, but who knows how long that could be.

Thanks for the comments guys!

Looks like the two of you had some good fun there. Makes me wonder how long my t-bar will hold up, though. I did a similar couple of days of family riding with my mom and dad last summer. My dad rides a trike, my mom a bike and me of course a unicycle. It must have been a hilarious sight for everybody who saw us.:stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we’ll do something like that in these summer vacations again.

Maybe look into getting it welded as a preventative measure.

What kind of trike does your Dad ride? Did he switch from a two wheeled recumbent to a trike?

I think Kris should actually offer a free upgraded part for the t-bars. I was also thinking about replacing the whole part that attaches the t to the seat with some sort of a stem that could be mounted to the seat post. That way I could put the brake (which I can’t mount yet anyways in my 26" with KH29 frame setup) on a KH brake mount, in order not to have to move it when I take the t-bar off for more technical rides. Maybe not, though.:stuck_out_tongue:

I think my dad rides this one. It can be folded for easy transportation. It’s great on pavement but it sucks in real muni terrain.