Adding a brake to the Nightfox

I searched the forums looking for specific info on this, but I didn’t find anything definitive. I’d like to add a brake to my non-disk brake ready Nightfox, and I’m trying to figure out the most cost effective route. It looks like a disk brake is the only option, but if there is another option, I would consider it as well if it’s cheaper/easier.

My current hub does not have a mount for a disk, and I would rather not have to rebuild the wheel with a disk hub to add a disk on the inside of the frame. That seems to be the more expensive/difficult route.

It looks like I could add some cranks that have an attachment for a disk (like the KH ISIS Spirit DH Cranks - 127/150mm, the Nimbus D’Brake Disc Brake Mount and a d’brake kit and install the d’brake on the outside of the frame. I’m just not sure if there’s anything else I’d need to consider, or if this would even work. If anyone’s gone this route, I’d like to hear about your experience with it. This seems to be my best/easiest/cheapest option.


Here you go. D Brake and external Disc will do the trick. Quite some people have done this on different unis.

That’s how I did it on my 26" Nimbus. The only problem I ran in to was that the caliper I bought hit on the D’brake mount. A few minutes with a grinder fixed that.

Thanks, guys. I knew that people installed external disks, I was just wondering if anyone had done it on a Nightfox like mine. I think I have the 2nd version of the Nightfox as it was purchased new from UDC in the last few months. It seems like most solutions require some sort of customization or a “gotchya” during the process, and I’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect for my specific unicycle. The link you provided, kunstrasen, was very helpful, though. Thanks!

You could use a strap on V-Brake adapter. I had one on my original 29er, and it worked very well. This would add a rim brake to your Nightfox.

The adapter looks like a horseshoe with brake posts at the bottom, and slots for hose clamps to thread through. I still have mine just in case I ever need it for another project.

There’s a hole for a center bolt, but on my uni I didn’t use it and it worked without a problem.

Interesting! I wondered if something like that was available. The only concern is if the rim would work well for that. It doesn’t appear to have a braking surface. When I get a chance, I’ll take an up-close photo and maybe someone can offer an opinion. Thanks!

I’m fairly certain that the rim has a brake track, it’s just powder coated. Disc rims without a brake surface are made with very narrow edges, or sides that are angled so that a brake pad wouldn’t engage effectively. For years rims were made for brakes without having a machined sidewall. The Stealth 2 rim looks like it has a decent braking surface. If it’s painted that will wear off in time, although it makes it pretty noisy.

No, you’re totally right. The Stealth 2 does have a braking surface. It is just powder coated with the same black paint as the rest of the rim and even blends in with the tire. Since I didn’t think I’d be able to use rim brakes, I guess I didn’t look very hard. Even overexposed, the color picture I took doesn’t show the surface very well, but it’s really obvious from the negative image (both below).

If the paint did become a problem, I might be able to carefully remove it.


This also looks like a relatively elegant solution for adding v-brakes (see image below). So far, I haven’t really been able to find a site to buy these, at least not in the US or a site in English.

Wow, very cool! Where did those come from?

I can’t find the Czech website I originally found it on, but I think I found the exact same thing on a UK site here -> Identiti Rebate Rim Brake Adaptor - Out of Stock | Tredz Bikes and the manufacture’s website here ->

These particular clamp-on brake bosses seem to be proprietary for a certain fork.

That could be a good solution for those who want to build a G32 with rim brakes from a 36er frame.

The big question is: Does the Rim brake adapter fit to the diameter of the Nightfox fork legs? Otherwise you won´t get them fixed.

I would go for the disc solution for the following reasons:

  • way better control of the brake force with a disc
  • by choosing Spirit cranks you have the option to change crank-lenght

Sure, if money’s not an issue, but for what it would cost to setup a disk brake, I could buy another unicycle. I’m experienced with rim brakes on a unicycle, and for me, they work very well. I’d be more than happy to have that as a solution and save all that money.

I ran across those Identity brake studs when I was looking for “Moots Mounts” for my uni. I ended up finding a BMX company that was willing to mill some to fit my Nimbus frame, but the cost was going to be something like $60-70, so I went with the strap on adapter.

I still think that if you found some “Moots Mounts” for a fork you could make them work. Maybe if you could reverse engineer the concept…

Get your point. Then I would contact a bike shop which offers those retrofit Canti mounts and let them measure the diameter. Then you know if it will work or not.

Very cool! I like the design of these. All kinds of ways to adjust them!

Yeah, they were a cool idea. It was from the early days of mountain biking when they hadn’t rested on a standard wheel size. So, Moots decided to make their MTB to fit 26", 650b, and 700c wheels. The brake studs could be moved to fit whatever wheel the rider ended up with.