Addict parts in stock

go to
or call renegade unicycles at 1 831 426 7343

I am unable to find any reference to addict parts on your site… am I missing something?

Also, the website(s) for addict that were posted in a previous thread are no longer working. Is there a link to some product information, namely pictures and US pricing?


I also can’t find them

Yup, did a google search on your website for the word addict - nothing.

renegades website is definitely there weak point. they have the parts but they dont have them up on the web yet. if you call or email them and tell them what you want they can help you out. sounds kinda sketch but they always do a good job.

they have some parts… the shipment is fresh and they are not even sure what parts they have and which ones are still on the way.

What Addict parts do they have?

seats, wheels built with hub, cranks, and pedals. Yoggi’s new stuff looks good.

just call and there should be someone to answer. regular business hours (california time)

Wheels built with what rim? I have yet to see the Addict rims. got taken down for awhile.I think theyre waiting for new tyres or something

The parts are now visible on the “Trials Unicycle” page of Renegade. I’m disappointed to see that they don’t have the street cranks.

I went to the Custom trials devil unicycles and their is a link there Addict Catalogue:slight_smile:

That’s what I was referring to. When you look inside the catalog, however, only the 140mm cranks are advertised. I can’t seem to find the 130mm street cranks that were shown in the first ADDICT display.

There products look great I really want the trials frames…

I thought they sold carbon fiber seats?

the addict street cranks are 150 USD!!! and the wheelset is i believe 210 without the cranks if i remember the email renegade sent me correctly.

I guess I got to wait for Koxx 133s for new cranks. 150 is freaking expensive! Hopefully the K1 cranks are less.

!!! How much is the carbon fiber seat going to cost??? :astonished:

I hope renegade gets the CF seats, it’s gonna be on my christmas list.

Anyone know if these parts are going to be available at unicon? :stuck_out_tongue: