Adapters to convert Maguar 4-hole to V-brake

I’m looking for the adapters to convert Maguar 4-hole to accept a V-brake.

I can find them in Europe, but not in the USA. I imagine either of these will work.

I’m willing to pay 20 USD if they are new.

I live in Redlands, California which is about 60 miles east of downtown LA.

You may want to dig through the archives a bit. I posted about making adapters with hardware store parts that bolt into the Maggie mounts. It was probably 10 years ago. As I remember the total cost was under $5, and about 15 minutes of work.

The gist of it is using long m5 bolts with sleeves that take up the space between the v-brake and the bolt. I did make a plate with a hole to hold the spring pin from the brake out of a small piece of aluminum angle, but if I recall someone else came up with a simpler method later on.

Here’s a photo of what I made:

And here is the thread that it is from.

There used to be a “gallery” on this forum that had the pictures for the first post in it; at some point it went away, so I skipped to the 4th page on the thread that has the photo’s. It might be worth reading the whole thread because other riders came up with other ways of implementing this that may be better. I never had a problem with it but I like the brake booster that someone used to reinforce the brake.

Thank you!

I just looked through the many examples.

Not to create more work for you because I’m lazy, but instead to pick the brain of someone more experienced, can you remember which of the other methods you thought were the best?

From what you wrote somewhere else, you said you’d just use a fender washer instead of creating the angled pieces, right?


A few measurements please

Hi jtrops.

I read through all of the posts and looked at the pictures. I’m pretty excited that there is a simple and cheap method to do this. Thank you so much for responding to my post. My ride is coming up in two weeks so I hope I can get it working in the next few days to get accustomed to the brake.

Can I ask you to send me the diameter and length of the aluminum spacer you made please? Oh, can I confirm that the thread diameter is 4 mm?

I’m hoping to purchase a socket head shoulder bolt that might take the place of the spacer and bolt combined. See below.