Recently i’ve landed a pedal grab on my Gazz-equipped 24" MUni. that felt good. i didn’t really think it was possible, but hey, it works. i can now seat in front jump (with and without pre-hop) onto 4 pallets. just today i wheel walked over a speed bump, that felt pretty cool, and easier than i thought it would be.
What have you guys recently accomplished that you’re proud of?

I know it might not be much but I have started to be able to do unispins consistently. It is still kinda scary every now and then. I also accomplished in braking my axle off because I rode off a 4 foot drop( It was a entry level uni.) But I guess that doesn’t count.

I can kind of ride backwards starting yesterday.

I’d say that this counts as an accomplishment. I was so proud of myself when I broke a crank arm. Congratulations!

I can now consistently hand wheel walk stomach on seat in the 25 step range. I can sort of ride backwards with seat out in back and am very close to learning downhill gliding.

I can get myself really dizzy riding in small circles on a giraffe :smiley: