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When you host with us, we take care of the domain name and domain registration.
You won’t have to go through the hassle of registering a domain with someone,
remembering confusing IP numbers, or setting anything up. We do it all for you
and we even cover the $35 registration and annual fees. All you have to do is
pick the domain name you want. It’s quick. It’s easy.

You receive 10 megabytes of web space for your site. This can be used for html,
graphics, scripts, anything you need for your personal or business site. Need
more? We can do that. Contact Elhost with your specific needs and we’ll provide
a custom and cost-effective solution.

With our easy to use POP email manager, you can set up as many email accounts
as you want at your domain. Give email access to your employees, friends,
family members, or whoever you want! Need more? It’s easy! Contact Us. All for
$139 per year.

For More Information Visit Us at http://www.elhost.com

Thank You for your time.