About freewheel unicycle

Recently, I’ve started practicing 27.5 freewheel unicycle. I’m slowly getting myself adjusted to this new system and beginning to go further and further by coasting, but I have no idea how I can stay in a place. In the case of normal unicycling, we use a couple of ways like idling, hopping, and still-standing. Anybody who can give me some tips on how to stay in a place on a freewheel uni?
And one more question, how do we jump with it? Huge thanks in advance!!

I’ve no personal experience riding a freewheel, but what I’ve seen others do who can ride it is to hop with the disc brake engaged.


Hopping with the brake engaged is the way to go :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting concept ,freewheeling. It seems more suicidal than practical to me but I wish you the best in the endeavor.


In this video I’m hopping a freewheeel with the brake engaged.

Someone told me that hopping like this might damage the hub, so I don’t do it much


This is probably the best place for that discussion: (maybe an admin can move?)

I agree with @Maxence hopping with the brake engaged is the way to go. It will probably feel like you are hopping mostly on your front foot. You can also do (small) stillstands, again with the brake locked, similar to a fixed uni, save energy by doing short stillstands between your hops.

Anything resembling idling is likely impractical.

I think small hops in place will be fine on any hub, at least to me it seems like they don’t produce all that much stress on any parts.


I see! Good to to know what to practice next. Much appreciated!

Thanks for your tip. Now I am slowly getting my head around this whole new system.

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