about a couple crank pullers

Hey there, does anyone have info on these crank pullers?


I need to know whether the Pyramid Series II does square taper or splined or both. I’d also like two know what exactly the other one does (squared taper? removes crank bolts? splined?)

thanks in advance

It’s hard to tell from that vague site. The only difference between a normal square-taper puller and an ISIS one is the size of the part that pushes against the axle. ISIS uses a bigger bolt, so the end of a square-taper puller will get pushed down the bolt hole and mash up the thread. Quite a few of that type of puller (the pyramid one you linked to) these days work with both sq taper and ISIS, either with a stepped and or swappable ends. Probably best to ask the dealer.

I’ve not seen one like the other one you linked to - looks like it’s probably a crank puller of some kind, but in separate bits. Most of the ones I’ve seen look like the one in your first link.


By the looks of it the Series II looks like it’ll do SQ taper hubs but not ISIS. As for the other one I wouldnt have a clue.

You might want to contact them (http://www.niagaracycle.com/contact_us.php) they will know more about them…

Vote For Pedro’s!

I like the Pedro’s Universal Cranks Remover.

It has an integrated 8mm Allen (hex) key on it to remove the axle bolt. Works on ISIS splined and square taper hubs (has inserts for both).

It was ~$20.00 at REI. Basically one tool for dealing with cranks…