today i was happily riding downtown and having a great time in the newly warm weather when …

my stupid pedal comes loose!!! i had to walk it for about a quarter of a mile until i could sit down to try and screw it back on with my fingers (it wouldn’t go all the way in, of course) and about every 30 feet after that i’d have to do the same thing! grrr. i need to find a wrench.

i’m now covered in grease and am very frustrated.

covered in grease? why? and a quarter mile is like… 600 feet. so im confused. please clarify?

You dont have a wrench??

covered in grease from the crank (i’m kinda clumsy ;))

and i feel REALLY silly walking with my unicycle on normal sidewalks.

i have a wrench, but i don’t exactly carry it around with me. :smiley:

how are you on the internet if you arent at home?


lol ok.

happened to me once, its nice been able to ride one footed :stuck_out_tongue:

Is your seat in backwards? Pedals should tighten as your ride not loosen.

Yes, make sure the L and R on the cranks are on the right side.

thanks, i’ll try that now … runs off to check

you’re right! the seat was on backwards! only problem is the bolt really sucks so i’m going to wait to get a better wrench or i’ll round off the nut.

I’d like to see someone ride a unicycle built like that! :wink:


Re: Aaaaargh!!!

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 19:21:24 -0500, podzol wrote:

>forrestunifreak wrote:
>> Yes, make sure the L and R on the cranks are on the right side.

It’s true, podzol! On a unicycle the L crank should be on the right
(Let’s speak Dutch to avoid this ambiguity.)

It’s not a good idea to ride your unicycle with a loose component in the powertrain such as a crank or pedal. Unless these parts are all mated to the hub with a tight connection, you’ll rub these parts together at an off-angle, which can grind away metal. The end result: your pedal may come loose much more often, or your crank will have a permanent “wobble”… not good!

So, is the seat on backwards or was the wheel installed backwards? There should be some sort of a split in the seat tube where the seat post is installed. This is the back of the frame. The quick release or seat bolt that closes the seat clamp should be at the back and the back of the seat should be pointing to the back of the frame. Then, make sure the crank arms are on the correct side of the uni.

“Powertrain” seems a bit over the top when describing the complex mechanics of a unicycle… :slight_smile:


(Let’s speak Dutch to avoid this ambiguity.)

dont knock dutch im dutch