A Yellow T-shirt Vid!

I finally found how to make videos with the clip from my camcorder. I made a little video, this is the first one I edit so it’s not going to be as good as the other videos before, I hope you’ll like it anyway. I had to edit it three times because my computer is too stupid. So, Enjoy!

Comment Please!

ooh yellow lol

Not too bad. :smiley:

Nice 4 stair jump. I’ve just been able to do 3 semi-consistently. :slight_smile:

I bet he called it a yellow t-shirt because he was wearing a yellow t-shirt the whole time.:wink:

nice man! i love doing still stands to crankflip its so much fun :slight_smile: you have the same stance as me but you do your crankroll’s are different…first leg is the same but i pass the seat through my legs then bring the right foot around do you think its easier your way?

I liked the stillstand-lateflip:p Cool video. Rolling wraps would be so much easier for you if you kept the wheel rolling the whole time;)

Nah dude, the bands lead singer used to be in a band that was famous for fluro yellow t-shirts. The band then later changed their name to, unicycling in yellow.

True story.

Thanks everyone for the comments:)

hmm, I dont really know what you mean. It may be only a preference. I can’t really answer.

What?! I choose that title because when I was watching my clips, I saw that I had a yellow t-shirt in every clip. I would’ve probably called it Riding outside if I wasn’t wearing a yellow T-shirt:p

I lied :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I’ll try to find more Trials spots for the next vid I’ll make, Those are the only one not far drom my place:(