A vid of me on my uni

One Wheel For Life!!!

  1. That was very entertaining
  2. Nice shoes
  3. You should learn to freemount
  4. Do you live in Connecticut because that area looks very familiar to me?:smiley:

Thats good for 1 week of riding.
I wish my family unicycled:(

not bad

cool that isnt bad for a weeks riding, it took a little longer for me to learn but younger people learn stuff quicker i suppose, like some one said you should learn to free mount it is a hell of alot easier than finding a wall to start on first.

good luck unicycling

nice video nicholas!!!

yer im sure he has the free mount down by now he was picking things up quickly,

pics of all of us looks cool hehehehe the uni family

Nice, keep riding.

Palm trees in CT? I wish, that’d be neat.

oh and this is in Brisbane Australia not cineticut (spelling)