a unicycling monkey to cut your pizza

saw this in a local shop today

unicycling monkey pizza cutter by nickjb, on Flickr


UDC USA seem to be selling them :slight_smile:

I will have one!

Mmmmm, pizza!!

I think I want it even more now…

I’d still get one even though on the rare occasions I eat pizza, I get the “single” serve size that doesn’t need cutting. :smiley:

I saw that pic when I clicked on the link earlier, was waiting for someone to notice. :smiley:

Very good advertising.

Or maybe bad.

What were they selling again? I don’t remember anything… else… in the …


That makes me hungry for pizza! And, well, yeah… That too.

pizza post ride is pure love :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one more than half a year ago.
And made a video of the first test ride:

But I prefer my own:


Pizza sliding while slicing it with a monkey-shaped pizza cutter = first world problem.