A try at snow trials clips

Just messing around in the snow with pallets. its pretty stupied its hard in the snow.well here it is http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjb0X1kbvrE

make fun of it as you wish.

i was bored.

lol thats cool

that’s cool. The weather looks cool, too.

Well the music realy fitted in didn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:
Also thats a nice white rim you got, where did you buy it? :roll_eyes:
Funny stuff.

Peter M

At the end of the winter, you should take of the splines and check for rust. I rode in snow for two years with my profiles, and now they have seized on. Take an hour here and there to make your crankset last a few more years.

it’d be funnier if you used the “snow” that’s talked about in the song.

i liked the way you flipped the board over and then still fell off. HAHAHA that was funny.