A trick!

Well, not really, but it felt like one!

Today I successfully rode off the little bump at the end of the driveway
(several times!). Then back again (Ahh the exhilaration).

Also broke my personal distance record - almost the length of my street.

Also successfully rode down the driveway, turned 90deg onto the pavement and
rode past the neighbours place for the first time!

I’m getting better! The world is my oyster. What a day! Still grinning an
hour after practicing.

Had to tell someone. My friends don’t understand. I hope someone here does.

Thanks to Peter Bier and the guys at the Auckland Juggling and Unicycling
club for the encouragement.


Re: A trick!

Ah, I remember it well… the first time I managed to go all the way round the little grass bit I used to practice on I was absolutely elated, but my housemate said “isn’t walking easier?” :roll_eyes:

Congratulations on getting that far! The first bit is the hardest, it just gets better from now on. Just imagine what you’ll be doing in only a month or two…

Phil, just me

Woo hoo! I remember the first time I launched off from the fence and did a circle on the grass back to my starting point. I was too skittish to ride no-fence on the pavement. Congratulations!

And yes - everyone around was very polite and indulgent. “Oh? That’s nice! Are you having a good time?”

Brilliant! Passing all those landmarks on the way to a great unicycling career. You’ll be a big wheel in the unicycling movement one day.

I can’t actually recall my first ‘landmarks’ on a uni, but your post reminded me of my misguided experiments with stilts in the 1980s. I made some wooden ‘strap on’ stilts so tall I had to sit on the shed roof to put them on. The wood was thin enough to be too flexible, but thick enough to be too heavy.

Off I went, down the drive, out of the gate, down the pavement (US = sidewalk) and then I realised that if I tried to turn on the spot to retrace my steps, I’d tangle my feet and fall. And then I realised we had a picket fence with little pointy pickets. I’ll see if I can dig out a photo.

Unis are so much safer and more sensible.