a team keukly product

robzi, of team keukly present his new video
there is street and just a little bit of trial
sorry for the video quality , the next will be better

i loved it! Loved the riding, loved the editing all round great vid!

keep up the good work.


Nice work

I really liked the multiple shots of one trick or gap, and how you swithched views in midair. I also liked the inverse colers and stuff like that. Awsome vid!:smiley:

Wow that was really good, at first I was really put off by the poor video quality, but the quality of riding and the editing along with the music really pulled it together.

Great joerb.

that was awesome!

I loved it!

I really liked the mix of trials and street, along with a bit of flatland/

thanks for sharing:D

:sunglasses: I also really liked the vid, but I thought it could have done with a lot less of the fancy editing.:o

That is the sickest vid I’ve seen for a while. I love the style, the tunes and the editing was so trippy. Well done.:smiley:

Yeah it was pretty good nice editing but i wouldnt use so many effects because it is really confusing with the low vid quality.

nice vid you got a lot of pallets lol

cool video, a lot of nice tricks but I think that is was distracting to constantly be doing inverse on so many clips.

That was awesome. I like the editing, that was some good riding too.

I wish I had pallets… :frowning:

nice vid! really good riding.


:astonished: If you would 've cleaned youre lens and not 've shut off the autofocus before filming it would be the f.ck’ngreatest piece 've seen from the UK since defect.