A talking toy and Gummibears

K I went to walmart today to get some gummi bears and some parade animal crackers(I love animal crackers). When i went to the checkout counter they had this little toy called a micropet. I had seen these on tv priced at like 10 bucks but it was on sale for a dollar 90 so get the thing and mess with it in the car. to play with it you call its name(Kuda) and do one of the commands it has on the list. this quickly got boring because halfof the comands would do the same thing but it says to experiment with its word option thigy. an so i tell it Unicycle and it makes these sword noises(chingg ching) and say blurnicycle with pretty bad diction. i dont know if it was he 50cent bag of gummi bears talking but it was cool. and over this afternoon ive grown to love him. And he just did Oh say can you see song. Another cool toy was a magnet i found and put it on the seat post plate of my uni and its been there 2months now. I am amazed at magnets.


I dont care that this is OT really so dont complaign ive heard enough for one day. MMM gummibears.

Heres a pic of the little guy!

Congratulations, Dad! :slight_smile: