a short unicycling/bmx video

http://www.angelfire.com/ne2/onewaybikes/videos/video.html (dirt-street march 11)

im the one doing the unicycling and my friends are riding their silly little bicycles,

mc dizzle


Re: mc dizzle

Yeah I agree. It was good, but it needs more uni. That pedal grab over the 5 set was nice, I hadn’t even seen that line. I was scared that some bigfoots were gonna attack the bike guys in the woods though, haha.

Keep em coming,

What the junk that posted under my brothers thing. I’m darchibald.

The real David.

Hey Anthony
I thought the download was worth the wait. I saw the five set, and decided the only cool thing to do on it would be to grind the top ledge. and i think i saw a little slide in there. and the 180 up, ride around to fakie hop down was awesome. im impressed. keep up the good riding, and it was great meeting you at TOque. later, Kevin

nice video, i really enjoyed the music


thanks, sorry about the slow download

(thanks kevin, it was fun riding with you at toque, i’m looking forward to defect)

Defect? Is this some inside thing Owen doesn’t know about? Cause maybe he should…

oh yeah, David! great stuff! Still hoppin’ ice-floats on your way to school?

Check here

I couldnt find anything about DEfect there…

ah…so it’s Dan’s newest movie of collossal proportions.