A short clip of me unicycling

This is a SHORT clip of me unicycling

i’ve been riding for about 4 1/2 months

Sorry for the quality of the video, it was taken on a camera phone lol

Not bad man. I wish i had found this site and what not when i had begun unicycling. your pretty much nearly as good as me and i have been riding just over a year.

other than the quality great video. You look like a really good rider.

That’s pretty impressive for only 4-1/2 months of riding!

thanks!..yea 4 1/2 months of a lotttttt of practice. That 5 set is actually my personal record that i broke in the video this past saturday haha. I’ve got a bet going that i’ll do this particular 7 set within a few months from now. I think i’ve got it in the bag… i just have to work on my rolling hops a bit. Its not the height i’m concerned about, but the distance.

goodluck man, i need a new unicycle before i go doing anything. my cranks are so bent i cannot pedal proppely without my foot slipping off the pedal or twisting in a way which feet are not supposed to be twisted.
i shall race you to a seven set! i get a new uni in december

haha yea ^^thats what i did to my first uni…the cranks were at like a 60 degree angle…thats what made me get a new one. You’re on though! I’m supposed to jump the 7 set by January 23rd for $40!!..i’m certain i’ll do it by then though…i made the bet a few weeks ago…when i was still stuck on the 3 set haha

tis a deal. first to post it here wins, i have no video camera though… i shall use phone video camera like yours.
goodluck with the $40, spend it on more stairs to practice

ok haha…good luck finding a nice 7 set. I wish i could find one with more narrow steps…they are hard to come across

well i have no idea where any seven sets are in my area. i know of a four and the next one up is about 10 :frowning: roadtrip! in the quest for a set of seven. rolling hops are not my speciality either.

haha, yea i think thats the difference between the 5 set and the 7…the rolling aspect is a necessity to do 7

Not always. I can side hop down 8s, and have done a side hop down a 10, but need to try it again.

It is much easier I think to actually rolling hop sets. =p