A question about the new KH hub


  This question seems a little in advance, but does anyone, (preferably Kris) know how many splines The new KH hub will have?




Cool…Thanks Bevan


It would be cool if it was 48, because then you could fit profiles on there as well. :sunglasses:


when is this new hub coming out

The new KH cranks are bigger (diameter) and look stronger than profiles, so I don’t see why you’d trade out for profiles, except for the warranty. Also, the reason for 36 spline is they found a Tiawanese 36 spline spindle manufacturer. They save money because the production lines are already in existence for the axle. Profile machines their splines in America custom for their hubs. This is much more expensive and harder to do.

These hubs wil be out X-mas time at earliest, although it could be much later.

and i belive that manufacturer is of course…Onza

a little bird told me that the new KH’s will say somthing like KH/Onza on them.

the cranks will be out the same time along with the hub right? i would think so, but just chekin. and if they are like onza hubs, they would suck, because they get lose and your wheel gets a little free wheelie on you.(moves a little)