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I just wanted to know how all of you got started on unicycling. If you would like to share your story you can do so on this thread. I can’t wait to see them:D

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I never considered riding a unicycle until I saw them up close at Burning Man in August 2007. That got me thinking about it, how neat it would be to ride across the playa on a uni for miles and miles! The idea stuck in my head after I got back to Ottawa but I didn’t do anything about it until, while walking in “the Market” one September evening with my girlfriend, a unicyclist rode past us. We stopped him and talked a bit (I wonder who that was). He gave me some good info. My 24" arrived at the end of October and the rest is history.
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I have always rode my bike without hands and that really annoyed my dad.
I was first just a joke, that he would buy a bike without handbar and give it to me so I wouldnt ever need to use hands while riding. And so it began…

I always wanted to ride the unicycle but always put it off because I didn’t know where to get one and was too lazy to find out. Then my brother got a 20’’ torker cx which I liked and learned how to uni on. Then I got a 24’’ bedford and upgraded to a nimbus II Muni with isis hub and kh cranks which was bought here on the forum


my brother is a juggler and i went to some shop with it… i was good on a bike, so my father bought me the unicycle, and i tried and failed, after some weeks/months, i tried again and found some videos of kris holm etc, and decided i wanted to give it a try!

I first saw a unicycle in my juggling club at school :D. I saw it and thought, oh thats cool, then never thought about it again until a year later. Then I was looking for some but didn’t know where to look so I kind of gave up, but then that day I was walking around a town near mine and we decided to go in the bike shop, and there was a cx sitting there so I bought it :). Then I went home and practiced all day for a week and finally got it.

This forum.

I started after my older brother started, but he doesn’t ride as much anymore. How he got into uniing is pretty interesting, though–he saw a crappy Torker Cx in his gym’s closet and decided he wanted to learn to ride it, so he came to school 30 minutes early for the next month or so until he learned to ride. Now I am going to the same school and it’s kinda weird and cool to see and ride the same uni that got my brother and I riding.

The universe 2 trailer.Thanks Dan :smiley:

it started with a new boy beginning in my class. all the other boys, including me, became friends with him day one. well, he had a uni, but could only ride like 2 metres on it. i tried it while he was skating in front of his house. i liked it because i couldnt do it, and because it was and is, different. my parents knew someone that had a unicycle club near me, so i began there with my father. shortly afterwards my sister began too, and 6 of my friends started unicycling too. it isnt all of my friends thats still unicycling, but half of them i think :slight_smile:

all great storys anyone else want to share??

What inspired you.

How did you get started?

How’d ya get into uniing?

:slight_smile: what got you started.

how did you get into unicycling?

Once upon a time I wondered if I could do it. I’m not sure what unicycles I had seen in the media, perhaps some in circus on TV and maybe cartoons. Gizmoduck had one. I bought one and it was very uncomfortable to ride, took me ages but I persisted. That was in 1996, now I am still addicted and teaching hordes of young unicyclists.