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Color Coding Your Tools For shop mechanics and serious home mechanics.

" We use a simple color coding system for wrench sizes. It is a great time saver around the shop, because it allows the mechanics to tell the size of a wrench at a glance, even from across the room. "

How handy is that?

Sheldon Brown

Move over Martha Stewart. There’s a new boy in town!
Seriously though, that’s a good idea. I would color code the different wrenches that I use to fix my uni so I don’t have to play the Find The Wrench game every time something comes loose.

Great idea! Now where’s that colored plastic tape…

Hints from Heloise!

We used to use flourescent spray paint. Lime green was an 8mm, pink was a 10 mm, and so on. That way you could wait until after dark, turn off the shop lights and click on a black light to look for missing tools. Like most shops we had dozens of each kind so we didn’t waste time looking for dropped stuff. Once a month would do the scavenger hunt and restock the allen wrench cans.



(yes, that’s on purpose)

Yeah, I thought so too. It didn’t really work all that well, though. Bike shop tools get covered with chain grease pretty quickly, so the colors weren’t that bright. Also it’s virtually impossible to get a good bond so the paint chipped off pretty easily. We finally gave it up and just got used to putting the tools back where they belonged.