a little summer vid....

yo, i did make an new vid today:D i know i dont write som much here but… here it is: http://enhjulingsfolket.se/uploaded/haha,%20liten%20film.wmv

im a 11 year old boy…

Nice! Awesome 3 set crankflip !

Wow! Wait 'till you’re like 18… You’re going to be so good. Nice vid :slight_smile:

holy crap…

thanks guys:)

Can’t wait till the longer vid:D

2 possibilities:
You are dam small or…
You are DAM good for such a young age.

How old are you?

^(in green)

pretty damn good man, excellent riding for your age. nice work.

And I guess I’m blind. :roll_eyes:

So I gues its the later.:smiley:

Nice going Tobbe! Welcome to the forums!:smiley:

that was really entertaining keep it up.

wow you’re really good, how long have u been riding for?

Very nice video guy!!!:wink: I am not going to want to see you when you’ll be 20 years old!

You’re beatiful!

kicks the ground softly

Wanna go out with me?

You’re beautiful!

kicks the ground softly

Wanna go out with me?


Btw: looking good, awaiting your next vid :slight_smile:

You dirty pedophile…

Nice vid, man!! You’re crazy!

The little girl in your avatar is suddenly making so much more sense.

Well, I wanted to make it lool like the girl said it. I think I’m gonna change my age.

It doesnt seem to work for me :frowning: any chance of putting it on youtube?