A lil' help with legwraps

well legwraps, or whatever ya call em, where you rotate your leg around the seat, yea. im havin some trouble with them.

i am first trying to learn how to mount with this trick, which i find much easier than just hopping and quickly doing it. but i still cant do it.

my arm that holds the seat gets stuck when i try to switch hands with the seat.

any advice in general? and please give me the name of this trick - im mostly a street rider, trying to throw in different styles

I think the real name is either leg wraps or seat wraps…

And it defently helps to learn the leg wrap mount first.

Don’t try to do it really fast, just go slow and smoothly while focusing on keeping your balance.

They get so much easier once you do one, so stick with it.

Good luck!

Yeah, when I learned it, I started with the mount, and it really helped. Another big thing is to not rush your leg when you are moving it. A huge mistake I made was going so fast I had no time to adjust my balance. Move slowly, it should feel really slow to you, but it will probably be faster than you think!

Good luck.