A Kris for Kristmas

I’m getting a new KH 24 for christmas…Anyone else getting unicycles? Post them here…

Im not getting anything unicycle related this year. Most of the stuff I asked for and want our house items, like picture frames, and other things like that.

I’m getting a qu-ax 29"! :smiley: But is thread shouldn’t be before after christmas, because you aren’t really supposed to know what you are getting, right? :wink:

I’m getting my first trials uni, a Torker DX

But due to a serverly broken arm, even though I am out of a cast I still have to wait 5 weeks after Christmas to ride it.

I’m getting KH gloves and shin guards.

I got some saddle parts.

I bought myself a used KH frame for my surly large marge muni for Christmas.

its a wish list, and idk what i will get but here it is

wow. thats alot of stuff!! santa must go all out on you!

if you saw they original post, i asked for only one, but decide to give “santa” the choice!:stuck_out_tongue: i never planned on getting it all, and what i dont get, i will buy w/ my own money. i haope to get the leg armour the most and just one of the list of unis !

sweet. my parents/SANTA, refuse to get me unicycle stuff. they dont really care about unicycling.

that sucks…my parents hink its cool. my dd even has a torker lx 24, and has gone about 50’ at most, but hes really only tried like 5 times. he got it, but then the very busy time of year came for work. i hope he learns, it’d be soo cool to rde with my dad!

cool, My mom and my 2 sisters can ride but they don’t very much:(.

You asked for a picture frame . . . WTF!?!

Ok so I’m contributing to this thread, my sister and I are getting a Nimbus 29" Uni It’s sitting under the tree right now. (I’m going mad I want to ride it SOOOOOO bad!!!)

i asked for a trials uni but i think i am going to get a gift certificate to UDC instide so i can go through the details of ordering it all

Yeah, I need to hang a painting in my room. Do you have a problem with that?


Sweet…Dude my parents don’t care about unicycling either(which sucks) but they agreed to buy it if I ordered it through my store (QBP). DISCOUNT baby… That a good way to get them to get you stuff that you would buy anyway;)…


I didn’t know either but I searched on google and found this…

lol sorry…a ton of bike shops carry a huge catalogue called QBP (quality bike products) that carries KH’s, Torkers and every other thing you could possibly imagine. Its like the beast behind you local shop…If you work in the shop you have direct access to all the products at wholesale costs, depending on your store’s policies on employee purchases:) …