a helpful tip in reaching your record

I tried this today, after reading about it, and it worked.
Today, I could barely reach half my record, and by the end of the day, I’d reached it!

Heres what you do.
Lets say your record is 70cm. (this applies to gaps, sidehops, everything) instead of attempting to go directly to 90cm., go in small intervals.

  1. 70

  2. 72

  3. 74
    so on…

    Now I know all of you have heard of this and are probably saying duh, but I think a lot of us take this technique for granted and don’t use it as much as they should.

Happy Hoppin’

good reminder

I spend the majority of my time at the lowest setting on my bar - 24". I practice everything, and gradually go bigger trying new skills. A good one is to jump from a skinny over: it practices both technical and big moves. I go by 2"-4" intervals though, It would take forever to get to my record in 2cm increments;) .

I don’t work on hop records very often, but here is a tip that you may or may not know already or even find helpful.

If your record is 70 cm and you want to get to 75, try 80 for a while and if you can’t do it then go down to 75 and it will seem much easier to get, even though your record is still only 70.

yesterday I had my seat cut and is lowered about half an inch, but now I can’t hit my same mark Sif? Now I know my seat was to high before it was cut… so any advice?

that’s true I’ve tried it and it does work

raise it wen jumping sif

A higher seat adds more stability for SIF, but if it was too high for other riding, you’re probably just going to have to give yourself a little time to adjust to your new height.