A Great Ride

I don’t write much and I’m certainly no Mikefule, but I just have to tell somebody after having an epic ride. I live in a small town on the western edge of the Willamette valley, to the west of our town is the cost range with some 4000 ft. hills. Saturday I jumped on the unicycle and headed down the road to the hills, the first 5 miles where along a two lane country road, the next 3 where a 1,270 climb on logging roads to the top of Dimple hill where I had a great view of the town in the valley below. I then took the Mtn. bike/horse switchback trail the 4 miles back to town. Oh did I mention I was on the Coker. The strangest thing about the ride was that there was no one to tell who could even remotely understand what I had just done. Taking a single-track switchback trail on a Coker may not be the smartest thing I have done, but it ranks right up there as the most challenging. My Coker is setup with a drag brake which helped a lot, I did have to dismount on some of the sharper switchbacks, and the ones I rode thru wouldn’t win me any prizes in the style category. Thank you for being here and giving me a place where someone has a clue. I have attached a picture of Dimple hill (the one in the background) the cars in the foreground are at the end of the trail where I came down.

Ahh, the Willamette Valley… That’s where I started mountain unicycling. Ever heard of Oakridge? That was my first MUni experience, on my beat up Savage trainer uni.
I’m impressed that you did Oregon singletrack on your Coker! The singletrack there is a lot different than the singletrack in Utah. Here, all we’ve got is weeds and occasional rocks on either side of the trail. There, you’ve got trees, ferns, roots, and everything else sticking out.
I wish I could be back there riding right now…
Maybe when I go home to visit the family, we can get together and ride. You’ll have to go slow, though. I’ve just got a 24"!


wouldn’t mind cruising along there on my muni