a "GOOD DAY" by Uneed Films

Hello all,
Here is a fun video, you might get a kick out of. The riding is pretty simple for the most part.


-Sam Haber

*Needed to take a break from working on the “shuv-it”. So that is as close as I have gotten on camera. I have landed straight to the pedals and hopped out, not on camera. Still nothing rolling.

Amazing style dude. Really enjoyed the whole video.
Can you seat push? Tryed a “shuv-it” the other way?

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I learned to seat drag for the trick. I could seat push pretty well. However it made more sense to land in seat push so you could lift the seat and ride out. I have a couple of other variations I am working on as well.

usually i dont like street, i dont like flat, i dont like hiphop but DAMN!! that’s one hell of a good video!

Haha, very very nice. Not the best riding I’ve seen, but it was incredibly fun just to watch. The filming and editing was ace, and you’ve got some good flow. Your kind of riding is what I aspire to do eventually.

Still loving your vids! So flowy and enjoyable, great filming, nice riding and fun to watch!

Loved the video! Their was great style in flow in the riding and filming.

the shuv it was really cool, the editing and filming were crazy awesome too.

Cool, simple and entertaining! Thats a fun video to watch, especially after an hour long chemistry test paper :smiley: Your videos are awesome.

Very fun to watch! Variety, humor, creative editing and great riding! Well done!:slight_smile:

The “Shuv it”? was niiiiiiiiiice.

:astonished: WOW :astonished: , Dang, Wow, Dang, I’m speechless it was so good. You should be the one selling dvd’s :astonished: ! :astonished: :smiley:

That was a fine vid man … I like the dancing … seriously, it rounded it out.
Skills and all the vid work and edits were well done.

Yea me too, haha. I need some moral support with me to hit a rail like that tho.

Meh, wait 'till you see it to pedals.:wink:

Thanks man… That’d be the dream, huh?

Haha, not gonna lie, the shuv it was hard to keep a secret. You pulled it off it seemed though. Nice job.

Another great edit, solid riding in there too.

Sick Job man.

Awesome man! you have style!

3:02 was sick! Really cool… And the editing was awesome!

Niceee Video
That ‘‘Shuv’it’’ was cool… :smiley:
And you have style

Amazing vid. I love to see your work just overflowing with creativity!!
Your uni matches the flowers in 2:40!

That was a chill vid. So happy!

I noticed that too ( I forgot about it though when I was posting)