A french unicycle

We met a unicycle at french cup last year, and Ina made a movie…

Well, watch it! (maybe you find it as funny as I do)


Well… I didn’t. :slight_smile:

this video suck
its all about girls doing nothing on unicycle

i can speak about this uni because i’m french and i was at the french cup (one of the staff team)
i find it funny beavause this uni is special because it’s a trash uni made by pyairot.
he recovered unicycle parts which were destroyed and he made a uni with it
so there is koxx isis cranks on a yellow quax hub
the rim was destroyed so he repaired it
if he read this thread i will probably speak about it…

The unicycle is very funny :).

But are you shure that it is a Qu-ax hub? For me it looks more like a koxx hub with a quax sticker on it.

something against girls?

i know the person who built it and i’m pretty sure that’s a quax hub with koxx cranks on it :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a koxx-one hub with qu-ax stikers on :wink:
i’m pretty sur of that

no!!! i saw the quax hub that’s just because he paint it black!!! if you don’t believe me just ask him by pm…

It’s funny to see these girls on a trial uni when you know them freestyling.


How did he get koxx cranks on a quax hub?

with a hammer, i understand you don’t believe me but that’s true

:smiley: very funny

anyone wanna award a biggest BS’er award? I call shenanogans, although the hammer idea sounded like a lot of fun…

What’s with the straps?

The uni is so funny.
Take a closer look at it here.
Close up
It is a qu-ax hub, and there are many more details on the uni. But see for your self.

I like both much (videos and Uni) !
It’s a kind of adventure Uni
So up from now, never call your unicycle damaged, it only seems to be :smiley: