A few questions...

I’m a pretty new to unicycling. I’ve only logged a few hours on my uni, which is a Sun 20".

First of all, I adjusted my seatpost to where its comfortable, but it’s a little bit (about and inch or so…) beyond the line that says “minimum insertion point”…what will this do to my uni if I keep riding it where I have it set?

Here’s a pic…

Also, after about an hour or so of riding, my seat starts to move…it will start to creep farther in, shortening the distance between my bottom and the wheel. Also, the seat begins to twist side to side. Is it normal for this to happen, should I just keep tightening it?

I can’t really do anything that would put too much stress on the frame, just riding in straight lines and turning so far.

My inseam is either 32, 33…not really sure which. The pants I buy are usually 34x32, so I assume my inseam is 32?

I’m 5’11" and weigh 160 lbs.

I decided that I love unicycling, and plan to buy a tougher uni in the not-too-distant future (Torker DX, p’aps). When I do, will I have to assemble it myself?

Thanks :slight_smile:

for all you are doing all you need is 2inches in the seat tube(frame)

yeah you ride with a quick release so just tighten the sucker down as much as you can.

with a new uni (unless you go custom(which the DX is not)) you have to put on the pedals, put the frame on the wheel, and the seat post into the seat tube. all you need is a 4 and 5 mm allen, and a 15mm wrench (assuming you get a dx

so is it too uncomfortable to have the post that touch lower?

just tighten it as much as you can

and yes you will have to do some assembly, but unless you start to lace up a wheel, a unicycle is a very simple mechanism, i am sure you would be able to work it out by looking at one that is put togeather.

Your 19 and you are concerned about that and dont know how to resolve it? That is worrying, does noone else think the same?

I know we should be nice though so WELOME TO THE FORUMS :smiley:

The reason your post moves around is a combination of not having enough post in the frame, and not having the clamp tight enough. If you get the clamp as tight as possible and it still happens then just buy a longer seatpost, they’re not expensive, very easy to change and will solve your problem.