a few questions

ok I have a few questions. First off I need to stop making so many threads for everytime i have a questions. Ok any ways I have a few questions

1.How much does it cost to get a wheel built at your lbs
2.can i get the spokes from there because I am geting the hub at danscomp and the rim from udc
3.How long does it take to get a wheel made
4.how do I know what size spokes to get if I make it myself
5.How hard is it to make my on wheel
6.how long does it ussally take to make your own wheel
7.How much more cheapier would it be to make my own wheel

Ok I think that is all my questions For now i might come up with some more but this is it for now

  1. For sure. Every bike shop will sell spokes.

ok Thanks. Got one down but now I thought of another one

1.is there any way i can put brake mounts on a frame without them

yea, weld them on.